It's Time to Be All IN!!!!


A couple of years ago I read a book called All In by Mark Batterson. It gave an account of his spiritual walk with God and stories of individuals who experienced overwhelming circumstances but God was still in the picture even when the individuals wanted nothing to do with God after going through tragedy and heartbreak. This life doesn't promise us that things will be easy in fact it describes the exact opposite. We are all born twisted in sin and shapen in iniquity. If we suffer for Christ sake we shall also reign with him. We are all on the chopping block so to speak. If you bear fruit you get chopped so you can bear more fruit, if you don't bear fruit you get chopped for not bearing fruit. It's a suffering way and let's face it. No one wants to suffer. It goes against everything in our human DNA. We want self gratification because their is no good thing in the flesh. That's why we have to kill it with the word of God, by fasting and Praying so our spirit being can be in control otherwise all of the hardship and heartache will be for nothing. You must have the mindset for Christ I live and for Christ I die. News flash we are all going to die but it's how you die that matters. 


Each and everyday of our lives we should have an All In attitude when it comes to salvation because the reality is we came into this world with nothing and when we die guess what everything we obtained will be right here. If the Pharaoh's of Egypt could tell us that when they got to their destination after dying. They would say all of my earthly wealth was no where to be found. 

We all have a race to run sometimes you will be able to run and sometimes you will have to go it at a steady pace but never take your eyes off of the prize and that's eternal life because make no mistake about it God's creation. We are all in the earth as we know it for a limited time. Each and everyone of us has an expiration date. It's important you stay on your path and keep pressing towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

You can't afford to play with your soul because it will spend eternity either in Heaven or Hell. This isn't a fairy tale or fantasy. It's a real fact and many of God's creation find out just how real it is when it's too late. While you have breath in your body you have a chance to repent and live for God. God Loves you and he wants you to have an abundant life, while the enemy of our souls the devil or Satan's job is to steal, kill and destroy as many as possible. The enemy of our souls comes to steal the word of God from us so we don't have anything to stand on when trials come and they will believe me. Kill your faith so when the trials and tests do come you won't have the strength to stand and believe God past seeing in the natural. Finally if you don't have the word of God and no Faith to believe he is God the final blow is to destroy you and have your soul spend eternity separated from God. Hell is only the beginning after judgment everyone who was committed to hell shall be thrown in the lake of fire. We are all judged according to knowledge so the more you know about God the more you will be responsible for so stay the course and make sure you win your RACE!!!!

Each and everyone of us is given a measure of Faith. Meaning it's already predestined what you are ordained to believe God for and the battles you will ensue to accomplish it. There are two different kinds of Faith. The Faith to believe in an invisible God and pursue his perfect will for your life and then there is the gift of Faith. Which I have been fortunate to have. It's the ability to believe past the unforeseen. To whom much is given, shall much be required. Smith Wigglesworth was famous for God using him with Miracles. In his book on Spiritual gifts, he had the revelation that the gifts of the spirit coincided with the fruits of the spirit. The gift of Faith correlates with the fruit of Peace. You don't have real faith without any Peace. It's the Peace that passeth all understanding. The gift of healing correlates with the fruit of Longsuffering. I have had to learn to have peace in my faith. It wasn't something that came easy. I had to acquire it through tests and trials. He takes us from Faith to Faith to Glory to Glory.


When you go through things that seem overwhelming that's when you have to bite the bullet so to speak. I have been in many situations where I have had to take a deep breath and say okay Lord if you don't do it, it won't be done. After I turned fifty things in my body seemed to go down hill. 2020 and 2021 were rough years for me. I didn't think I was going to make it as a matter of fact. I said' to the Lord in prayer if you don't heal me then just kill me. A pastor friend of mine prayed with me who flows in the prophetic and he said' you will be healed not many days hence. It took many days for me to feel like I do today believe me but I kept on going and believing and reminding God of what he said'. I learned what Smith Wigglesworth was referring too when he talked about you don't have real Faith without Peace. Things that use to scare me to death no longer have that kind of power over me. I've learned to Trust the Lord in everything. I do all I can do in the natural and depend totally on the one who has supernatural Power to finish what he started. 

A Song can Save a Life!!!!


In 2020, my daughter decided she didn't want me driving her vehicle anymore. I remember walking outside and I sat on the steps of the establishment directly across from where we live and I said' within myself I am going to die out here. Immediately I heard the angles sing this song in my ears. He's an on time God by Dottie Peoples. Two weeks later I had a Lexus SUV. I can honestly tell you if I hadn't had it I wouldn't be here to tell the tale. He has always protected and shielded me from the attacks of the enemy. I can't tell you how many times I have had in the nick of time moments. I have had vehicles coming directly at me at a high rate of speed and right before impact they woke up or snapped back into reality. All I could do was say thank you Jesus. Situations will arise in your life that will try to shake your faith and have you not believe in God and his goodness but if you stick it out and take him at his word. He will help you to become Fearless. Meaning you will have fear a lot less with each trial and test that arises in your life. Remember it's a Faith Fight to Finish your course in life, but you can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth you. He promised he would never leave nor forsake you. He is ever present (Omnipresent) and never sleeps nor slumbers. I didn't have a complete understanding about that until I looked up into the heavens and I saw that the sky is everywhere. 


It's been 30 years since I fell down on my knees in my living room and called on the name of Jesus. Everyone of us has a birthday. Isn't it interesting we have a birthday where we are born into death because once you take your first breath you are destined to die but it doesn't have to be an eternal death, meaning a death without Christ. Each and everyone of us has the capability and opportunity to be born again. No you can't go a second time into your mother's womb but you can be emerged by baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and be born again, and just like a newborn babe, you have to learn to walk and talk all over again. The first birth we were raised in corruption because there is no good thing in the flesh, but the second birth can lead to life everlasting which is what we all should strive for. Matthew 3:11 John put it like this. I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear; he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with Fire. Whoah every time I read that it reminds me of the Lion King! When the hyenas were reverencing the name of Mufasa. Mufasa oooooh say it again. Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord. Tenemos que aprender a confiar en Dios en todo!!!


I am a firm believer that trying times are essential to get man back in line of seeking direction from our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We all were born for a reason, a season and a purpose. Sometimes you have to step out on faith and trust that everything is going to work itself out. I have learned through my journey that you can't share your dream with everyone because most people unfortunately won't be happy for you. It's okay keep on asking, seeking, and knocking on the door God has ordained for you to enter and let him know you want all that you were born to achieve in the earth.


Being born again is so vital, that's why before Jesus began his ministry he went to see John the Baptist who baptized him. John didn't feel worthy enough to do it but Jesus told him, suffer it to be so now, for thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness. It's vital everyone who names the name of Christ must be born again. Nevertheless God will have mercy on whom he will have mercy and he will have compassion on whom he will have compassion, but you don't want to take chances with your salvation because God judges the motives and intents of the heart. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Just like the thief on the Cross. Whether we live or die we all have to come face to face with Jesus and give an account for what we did in this body. Whether it be good or bad. Here's a story that I love because it's like a parable which Jesus used a lot to explain life's challenges and consequences.


I will use this one for instance. There was a sparrow that got caught in a storm trying to fly south for the winter, and what made matters worse a dog came by and pooped on top of him, so the bird was happy and warm under the poop and it started to sing and a hungry cat came by and started moving away the poop. The moral of the story is not everyone that poops on you is your enemy and not every one who comes to rescue you is your friend so if you find yourself with poop on you learn to be content, work your way through it and keep your big mouth shut. Hahahaha Hahahaha I laughed until I cried when I heard that. It's so much like life. 

Everything we go through isn't going to feel good and in some instances it will be down right stinky but don't complain. Take it with stride and allow God to order your steps because eventually if you stay the course you will come out victorious. Even poop can be washed off.  

This is from the Movie Assassins October 6, 1995. Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas with their fine selves and Ms. Julianne More. 

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